About Us

Pick Six Vintage is a small Gold Coast based business that was created through the love and passion of American Sport & to keep vintage and nostalgic pieces of sports clothing in circulation and out of Landfill.

Being from the Goldy, There is nothing worse then pulling on a shirt/sweater and seeing another person wearing it at a party, the beach, a Club or pub. 

Stand with us for a minute of silence for the guys/girls that throwing on a FAKE retro vintage tee they have bought from Culture Kings or Cotton On and walk down the street and see another 5-6 people rocking the same FAKE tee.

The good thing about Vintage clothing is that it's harder to find and not as easy to source. We do all the heavy lifting for you in the terms of sourcing unique and vintage pieces and shipping them back to AUS for you all to then buy.


Our aim is to provide a service for like minded people that appreciate a good vintage piece of clothing but also want that point of difference & stand out at any occasion and be noticed and not get lost in the crowd with those wearing the same tee, while also doing their part in saving yet another piece of clothing going into landfill.

Every Piece of Vintage clothing is unique in its own way, while we try strive to bring the best quality possible some items may be 15-25+ years old, which comes with its own pros & cons. Stories & character built over years and years of wear, but also flaws such as pin holes, yellowing, stains etc...